Monika Topa

Monika Topa

She graduated with distinction and got an engineering degree in the field of Biotechnology at the Cracow University of Technology. Currently, she studies in second-cycle degree in two fields: Chemical Technology, with major in Polymer Technology, and Biotechnology, with major in Industrial and Environmental Protection Biotechnology.

From 2015-01-01 to the present, she is an active member of the Applied Photochemistry Scientific Circle at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology at the Cracow University of Technology under the supervision of Ph.D. Joanna Ortyl, in which she conducts research in the field of polymer chemistry, in particular the synthesis fluorescent compounds and photochemistry studies of the molecular sensors for monitoring very fast photopolymerization.  She also was contractor in the LIDER project (LIDER/014/471/L-4/12/NCBR/2013), IMPULS project (138/UD/SKILLS/2015) and currently she is contractor and scholarship in the POWROTY project (POWROTY/1-4/2016), project under the supervision of Joanna Ortyl, PhD.

The results of her research conducted as part of the work of the Scientific Circle and projects were presented at national and international conferences. In addition, the results of her research have been recognized in many competitions and international exhibitions. The most important are:

  • Winner of the competition for the best Bachelor’s / Engineer’s Thesis “Złoty Medal Chemii 2017” made in the academic year 2016/2017 and distinction in this competition for the Engineer’s Thesis
  • Winner of the first step of the competition for the ABB award in the academic year 2017/2018
  • First place for the best presentation during the University Student Science Session 2017 at the Cracow University of Technology in Cracow for the paper “Applicability of the samarium complexes for the luminescent molecular sensors”
  • First place in the 12th national competition for an innovative solution developed by young inventors “Młody Wynalazca 2017 “, for the project “New high-performance luminescent lanthanide complexes and their application to the role of organic-inorganic luminescent molecular chemosensors in on-line testing of polymeric coating materials and in initiating photopolymerization processes “

She also won medals at international exhibitions for the invention of „New highly efficient photoluminescent molecular sensors based on lanthanide complexes for monitoring of polymerization processes and for highly sensitive detection of the properties of polymer coatings” e.g. at the  II International Invention and Design Competition and exhibition  in the Hong-Kong, at the  International Fair „ Ideas – Inventions – New Products” IENA in the Nuremberg, at the  International Warsaw Invention Show in Warsaw.

In addition, she received Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements in the academic year 2017/2018 and Science Scholarship for special scientific achievements awarded by the Małopolska Scholarship Foundation SAPERE AUSO in the academic year 2017/2018

In addition to working in the laboratory, her passion is social dancing.